My passion chose me, not the other way around." Matias Sandoval holds a BFA from the USC Roski School of Fine Arts. About a dozen years ago, after some extensive foundation courses in Conceptual Art and Ceramic Form, he found himself sitting behind a sewing machine, determined to better understand its functionality and its limitation. Through "deconstruction and exploration of garment "re-construction", he very quickly fell in love with the process of making clothing. "I'm a self-taught tailor pattern-maker and designer." Matias explains. After working as a sort of artist-in-residence at a local denim laundry in 2004, the MATIAS namesake began shipping both men's and women's capsule collections primarily to Japan and a handful of specialty boutiques in the United States.
Over the past decade, the line has evolved from a heritage inpspired denim line to a 'Avant-Garde inspired' collection. The collection is now sold to some of the top luxury boutiques in the United States, Japan, Canada and China. Made in small, sometimes limited runs, everything is still hand-tailored in a small artist studio in Southern California. MATIAS is a Post-Heritage, Post-Modern brand of tomorrow.