VANADIO23 expresses itself by focusing on a series of soft forms drawn from the botanical, floral, human and animal world. Mixing them together with erotic and sexual themes that stimulate heart and mind, VANADIO23 is a true expression of creativity in all forms. The name Vanadio refers to the chemical element commonly used in the Metallurgic industry to produce specialty steel tools. Its symbol in the periodic table is V23 and its background color is a light and delicate shade of pink, leitmotiv in the color palette.
The VANADIO23 collection of ready-to-wear jackets are characterized by simple and timeless shapes along with refreshing colors and artwork applications that bring life to each piece. Offering an array of re-worked, menswear inspired jackets in oversized masculine shapes, each garment are preciously embellished with a digital print on faux leather who has started from an hand-painted version, vision from the artist’s mind. This blend of utilitarian and reverie is VANADIO23's cornerstone. Capturing the Zeitgeist with a strong sense of ideals and beliefs, VANADIO 23 ignores gender lines, offering a unified men’s and womenswear collection.
Completely handmade in Italy with only the finest materials and the highest level of Italian craftsmanship, just as a collectible work of art; each limited edition jacket is dated, numbered. A unique statement in and of itself, VANADIO23 is fresh, stylish and sustainable but above all, offers a unique and personal take on fashion.